DEAR Inventory systems is one of the many applications that integrate with Xero and takes care of all your inventory needs. It is an all-in-one platform that helps growing businesses in wholesale, retail, and ecommerce. It becomes the central point for all your inventory management requirements in your business and provides a 360 view.

Using DEAR, you will know where all your goods are at any stage of production, no matter the location of the goods. It is a robust manufacturing tool that scales growth and will enable you to deep dive into product efficiencies and performance in a very user-friendly manner. Over above the product insights, using DEAR will also create massive efficiency gains due to the automation, eliminating human error.


DEAR features

  • Purchasing – gain in depth purchasing insights
  • Sales – manage orders across multiple saleschannels
  • Manufacturing – create BOM’s for all yourinventory
  • Inventory Management – simplify wholesale levelproduct management
  • eCommerce – automate pick, pack and ship for allyour products
  • B2B Portal – allow your customers to automateand manage orders
  • Point of Sale – scale your business and add thePOS at any time
  •  Accounting – all inventory related transactions(sales, purchases, journals etc) are synchronized over to Xero