Visualise your financials in a beautifully simple way with a range of features, allowing for complete complex analysis.

Cashflow forecasting

Unlimited 3-way forecasting up to 10 years in the future shows you what lies ahead for your business. Get full control of your business by monitoring cashflow daily, weekly or monthly, and use your projections to move forward confidently.

Business planning

Project the future of your business with unlimited forecast items. Import existing budgets from spreadsheets to customise your planning, or build quickly from your historical business data. Business planning and achieving your set goals just got easier.

Business budgeting

Live budgeting is the best way to keep your business on track. Futrli makes it easy to create a 3-way budget, from your P&L, balance sheet and cashflow statement, for full visualisation of your business. And it’s fully flexible and customisable.

Scenario modelling

Ask ‘what-if’ with scenario modelling. Create base scenarios for outcomes of decisions, and compare against best and worst case scenarios. Forecast seasonal changes, link different scenarios and see the impact of changes to your business operations.

PDF reports

The PDF management report builder makes it easy to export print-outs of your dashboards. Get a snapshot of your progress by building your own report or choose from 25 of pre-built templates. They’re customisable for any business.

KPI dashboards

See a live view of your business with KPI dashboards. The more data you can get into Futrli, the better, so monitor financial and non-financial metrics in one place. See a beautiful representation of your business you can control.

Business reporting

Report on the financial and non-financial data that makes your business tick. Use templates or build your own custom reports, and add KPIs and formulas to see what you need to see. Export to printable PDFs for a snapshot.

Business alerts

Integrated alerts trigger the minute something changes in your business. Futrli will let you know when you reach an agreed threshold or limit, and when there's good news like hitting a goal. Full business monitoring, 24/7.


Futrli gives you granular insight from multiple organisations, instantly. They’ve made sure you can accurately report on as many companies as you need to. Benchmark multiple businesses with financial and non-financial metrics.

White labelling

Futrli gives you your own branded app experience with customised charts, tables, logos and font colours, alert emails and PDFs to reflect your company branding. Any reports will generate in your customised theme.