Bringing data to life!

Designed to enable strategic and meaningful conversations with our clients, the Spotlight suite of tools are the preferred choice to deliver clarity and insights

Spotlight Reporting offers a great range of comprehensive performance reports, full three-way forecasting, customizable dashboards and advanced consolidated reports for multi-entity businesses and franchises. The software empowers accountants to have great conversations with their clients and to add value to the relationship.


Reporting is a powerful management reporting tool designed to help clients or businesses make informed decisions to achieve better business outcomes

  • Save time and effort by seamlessly consolidating up to 50 client organisations with multiple currencies
  • Extensive chart gallery with templating, customisation and white-labelling options
  • Drive action, share insight with our action plan and pre-populating executive summary
  • Use our cash waterfall chart to visualise your cash-ins & outs, and monitor liquidity
  • Share more by adding any external content into a report


Great budgeting and cash flow forecasting can mean the difference between business success and failure. Forecasting is an ‘all-in-one’ budget creator, three-way forecasting and scenario builder.

  • Easily import your Budget data or start from scratch
  • Full 3-way forecasting with flexible rules and great outputs ideal for the Bank and Board
  • Add loan amortisation and dynamic rules for a more timely and accurate client forecast
  • Plot and plan for the future by selecting or creating ‘what if?’ scenarios
  • Use drivers as the building blocks to forecast revenue, costs and the success of the business.
  • Our tax schedules improve the accuracy when forecasting the payment of different tax types


Dashboard provides an instant snapshot of business performance to enable you to focus on what really matters. A great entry level experience.

  • A wide selection of simple displays and charts
  • Quick and easy to use drag-and-drop dashboard creation
  • Get a holistic view of performance with financial and non-financial KPI reporting
  • One page dashboards with three customisable layout options for clear focus
  • Use our non-financial integrations for a full 360deg view of a business


For franchises, not for profits and industry specialists, Multi allows you to aggregate, rank and benchmark. Multi is a specialist tool that takes the drudgery out of creating multi-entity reports where comparisons are key.

  • Consolidated view of up to 500 organisations
  • Organisation ranking and KPIs
  • Anonymised rankings for sharing with Franchisees and Branches
  • Exception reporting
  • Visual scorecard and chart galleries