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Syft Analytics is full of features that help you understand financial data, create reports, forecast the future, track progress and benchmark performance. Connect data from QuickBooks, Xero, Sage and Excel.

Improve profitability

Take actions that improve revenue and reduce costs with powerful visualizations, reports, insights and AI capabilities

Deliver impact

Improve key performance metrics including performance vs. peers, entity valuation, customer behavior and future financial position

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Save hours across all reporting and analytics processes by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks - no training required

Trusted by over 75,000 organizations in more than 50 countries

  • Over 2,000 accounting firms trust Syft for their financial reporting and client insights
  • Over 75,000 businesses use Syft to improve their performance using financial, customer, supplier and industry data
  • Recognized as a leader in financial analytics and business intelligence